A&D Medical UT-302 Instant Read Ear Thermometer


• Measurement Time: 1.0 Second
• Memory: 10 memory recall
• Special Features: Waterproof tip (probe covers not required)
• Lightweight unit providing fast and accurate results in just 1 second
• Waterproof tip can be easily cleaned with water or rubbing alcohol, no protective lens cover required
• The ear is an accurate indicator of internal body temperature as the eardrum shares blood vessels with the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that regulates body temperature
• The ear is an extremely safe place for measuring temperature and is appropriate for adults and children of all ages
• Readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius
• Each unit comes with a CR-2032 lithium battery, trilingual instruction manual and quick start card
• Thermometer automatically turns off after one minute of non-use


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