Company Rules

Cooperation Policies & Rules (binding Agreement) with the Company (hereinafter – the Rules, Company Policy, Agreement).

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These rules are priority-oriented for all the Partners and Contacts, coming into full legal force at the moment you agree with them on the moment of the first contact, using any Company services as well as contractual relations with the Company. There are no complaints about the style, form and structure of writing this Agreement concluded with the company.

MKG MANAGEMENT GROUP (HK) LIMITED, the Company registration number 2557308 is the contractor of any legal or individual person on the other hand (hereinafter – the Customer, Customers, you), together – the Parties. The prevailing version of these rules is this version,  and the adoption of these rules is both mandatory and rigorous condition for cooperation with the Company. Other versions and adaptation translations can be used only for informational purposes and personal use.

1. All oral and written negotiations taking place prior to the signing of the Agreement and the adoption of these rules have no legal force and cannot be used as an argument or affect the services’ provision.
These rules take effect from the moment of acceptance (a reply to any company email that containing the following: “This message and any attachment are confidential and may be privileged or otherwise protected from disclosure. If you are not intended recipient any use, distribution, copying or disclosure is strictly prohibited.
By replying to this letter, you confirm that you unconditionally accept the rules of the company indicated on the official website  that is an integral part of all contracts of the company and govern all relationships between the company and customers and studied and accepted the information about the company on its official website in the following section:
If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately either by telephone or by e-mail and delete this message. All correspondence is official correspondence and is stored on the company’s servers if necessary.”) and are valid for an unlimited period of time or until the client’s official termination letter is sent to the official email of the Company or in writing to the legal address of the Company.

2. Any gross violation of these rules may serve as the basis for contractual relations’ termination with partners.

3. In the event of the Agreement termination due to gross violations of these rules, the Company does not bear any legal or financial consequences.

4. The Company has the right to terminate the Agreement at its discretion without any financial or legal consequences in the case of the non-commercial services’ provision, while the Company provides a notice of termination at its discretion.

5. The Company undertakes to sign all the Сontracts using only its official legal details, but at the same time has the right to use its trademarks and Company logos both to work and promote the Company.

6. Risks of reality expectations’ inconsistency lie entirely with Customers, since Customers enter into contractual relations with the Company at their own risk after having checked all the necessary information about the Company and its activities, the essence and Contracts’ form. All the Company services are accepted by Customers as they are being described in these Company rules and concluded Contracts.

7. All Customers are aware of the Company being not a direct buyer, but providing only intermediary consulting services in promoting goods on the market.

8. The Customer is also aware that all oral and written negotiations are stored for an unlimited time on the Company’s servers and can be used at their discretion without the Customer’s consent.

9. Company Customers are not entitled to disclose any information appearing as a result of interaction with the Company to a third party without the written Company consent, unless there is a corresponding court decision. The penalty for violation of this point is set at 50,000 (fifty thousand) US dollars and cannot be appealed in court.

10. All Customers understand and acknowledge unconditionally that the Company provides intermediary, consulting services, not being a buyer of products, but only assisting in transactions between manufacturers (distributors) and end Customers, which it finds and receives its intermediary percentage from goods’ transactions.

11. Customers and partners agree that the Company may ignore any written requests for information that have not been received at its e-mail address indicated on the website. The exceptions are cases where there is a decision of the relevant court or other competent state body requiring the Company to act at that way.

12. The Company does not have any resources to track all the changes in the current legislation of the partner countries in real time, respectively, is not responsible for their violation. The Customer is obliged to independently verify the Agreements’ compliance and these rules with a contradiction to local legislation. Accordingly, the full responsibility for compliance with local laws lies on Customers.

13. The Company provides intermediary services for the products’ promotion and the companies’ search — foreign manufacturers, distributors and other interested Parties, having the right to conclude an unlimited number of contracts. Company Customers are aware of the rules that the Company is not a direct buyer, just being an intermediary between the manufacturer and the buyer.

14. The limitation period cannot exceed 1 year from the date of signing, regardless of the form of the contract.

15. At the same time, Customers distinctly understand that this Contract may not be executed by the Company for several reasons (such as: changes in market conditions, fluctuations in exchange rates, changes in the political or economic country situation regarding the goods’ distribution or the inability to find a Customer being agreed to purchase goods from this manufacturer or distributor for other reasons).

16. Company Customers understand and accept any payment method for the Company services, including bank accounts of friendly companies, electronic wallets and their analogues (using cryptocurrencies in payments), may accept payments for goods or services to third parties or in any other way.

17. The Parties accept that the “FRAME EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS DISTRIBUTOR AGREEMENT”, signed with the Customer, is intended for general informational purposes only, ensuring the Company’s right to receive exclusive rights to distribute products. Such Agreements cannot be interpreted otherwise than “Contracts for the Granting of Exclusive Rights”. Customers relieve the Company of any liability associated with the obligation to purchase a product.

18. The Company has the right to provide the missing or incomplete Services at its discretion in order to maintain its business reputation for three years from the date of signing the Agreement, regardless of the Agreement subject and the conditions specified therein.

19. The Company has the right to take appropriate measures to protect its interests at any time and at its discretion in case you violate contractual obligations or these rules.

20. All responsibility for the Company activities is borne generally by its director and / or owner, assuming a full responsibility for the services received or provided.

21. Company employees or third parties hired to work with a Customer are not responsible for the Services’ provision by the Company as a whole, since they cannot have complete and accurate information about the Company, its actions and aims. All responsibility for the Company activities lies with its director an owner, assuming a full responsibility for the services received or provided.

22. These Company rules constitute the entire Agreement between the Company and Customers, and Customers are not entitled to work with the Company without accepting the provisions specified in this document. You must not work or contact the Company without accepting these Rules.

23. You confirm that you have fully understood both meaning and essence of the Agreement and these Rules concluded with the Company, being in a clear mind and bright memory in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of your country, having all the authority to act accordingly.

24. The Parties agreed that these Rules always have the highest priority over all other oral and written Agreements, arrangements and other oral and written information obtained as a result of cooperation.

25. If you do not accept these rules, you should not use the services of the Company, continuing both negotiate and correspond with the Company. This edition takes into account all your interests, there are no inaccuracies, all the information received is verified by you and there are no incomprehensible moments in it.

26. You give the Company the unconditional right to choose the court and jurisdiction of this Agreement independently (without Agreement with you), and you are ready to make any decision on this issue.

27. You agree that invalidating an item does not affect the reality of others.

28. You acknowledge that the amount of the claim (or their totality) against the Company on any of the issues may not exceed 100 USD or the equivalent of this amount; You agree that invalidating an item does not affect the reality of others.

29. You acknowledge that the amount of the claim (or their totality) against the Company on any of the issues may not exceed 100 US dollars or the equivalent of this amount;

32. The Company is not responsible for the actions, materials, information or

data of third parties, and you release the Company, its management, officers, employees and agents from any liability for any damage, obvious or


33. All the Company Customers and partners know and unconditionally accept these conditions when assessing the likely risk and possible associated costs.

34. The minimum agreed amount of work, efforts, promotions that the company must perform, subject to the signing of an agreement, consists of posting information about the product line on at least 30 Internet resources and making calls (at least 300 potential buyers) during the term of the agreement.