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Exclusive distribution

Exclusive distribution is an agreement between a distributor and a manufacturer that the manufacturer will not sell the product to anyone else and will sell it only to the exclusive distributor. At the same time, even the exclusive distributor has to enter the agreement that he will only sell the products of the manufacturers exclusively and will not sell those of the competition. This ways, the market is an open ground for the manufacturer and the distributor and they have complete control on the distribution of the product.

When a product has yet to become known on the market, the distributor must invest an important amount of time and financial resources to develop the product’s reputation and market positioning. Thus, exclusive rights are a major motivator for a distributor who must market a product that he does not own and that has little notoriety yet. Indeed, every product requires some time between its introduction to the market and commercial success. The commercialization efforts accomplished before a product becomes profitable constitute a major investment. In consequence, a distributor who invests his resources in such an endeavor wishes to insure he will share its future benefits. Without the guaranty of exclusive rights over a given territory, the risks related to a product’s marketing might become too important for a distributor to invest himself in that undertaking. Many companies have exhausted their market potential and are considering other markets to increase profits. But given the lack of awareness of the market structure, laws, lack of knowledge of the language, lacking sales channels and basic skills for development in foreign markets, these companies cooperate with us. In our turn, when we receive an exclusive representation in the region, we contact the largest distributors, networks and promote the goods for some %. Our company can act as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the distributor. It may itself buy and resell with a higher margin, or it may simply establish distribution channels. In any case, our company will make every effort to achieve the maximum result.


In the modern world, given the available opportunities, doing business in a foreign market no longer seems like something distant and impossible. But, as in any kind of activity, there are also pitfalls there, which a beginner may not be able to cope with on his own. Our company was created with just such a goal – to help various areas of business in the process of entering the international market with minimal losses and maximum success.

Do you want to know how we do our job? We create a database of manufacturers of certain goods, after which our call center specialists make calls using this base. Most likely, you were found in the same way. After that, we request a catalog of goods with prices from the manufacturer, learn about the possibility of providing the most advantageous discount option, and after assessing the profitability of the positions, we offer one of the cooperation models for the manufacturer’s choice. Further, a contract is signed between our company and the manufacturer for the provision of exclusive rights to distribute the goods in the agreed territories. After that, the manufacturer must confirm the quality of his products and suitability for distribution in the territory of a particular country. Immediately after the completion of this procedure, our promotion employees begin to promote the product on the market of the specified country. We use various methods to promote the product:

– placement of goods on at least 30 Internet sites that we have in our database;

– search for potential buyers through cold calls;

– development of an individual promotion strategy.

As you can see, the principle of our actions is similar to the principle by which we found you as a supplier: an active base of potential buyers is created, to whom we subsequently offer the available assortment of goods.

For the entire stage of promotion, each of our managers makes at least 400 calls.

Also, for our partners, it is an important factor that we do not charge additional fees for any stage of cooperation. We make a profit only if we manage to find a buyer for your product. Our percentage for each transaction can vary from 3 to 7% and depends on the product.

The minimum agreed amount of work, efforts, promotions that the company must perform, subject to the signing of an agreement, consists of posting information about the product line on at least 30 Internet resources and making calls (at least 300 potential buyers) during the term of the agreement.

Consulting services

The consultant’s proper role in implementation is a matter of considerable debate in the profession. Our consultants offer global experience and local knowledge to help you succeed in any public or private business environment. Our solutions are designed to equip you with the knowledge, know-how and tools to manage every function of your business with confidence. We put real, direct, live research of the target audiences at the center of every project and engagement. No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward. Our programs focus on achieving actionable results in rapid succession to help you show value to your stakeholders

We can develop a new technology agenda or adjust the existing one to a changing business strategy, for example:

• geographical expansion

• new products and services

Distribution Network Setup:

• Un Organized Retail

• Organized Retail

• Consumer Durable

• Industrial / Engineering

Legal Advising

None of us know when we might run into a problem that needs professional legal advice, Whether you are incorporating a business, reviewing a contract, or facing a large or small scale employee issue, MKG Management Group is here for all of your business needs. Our team can assist you in all the question connecting to customs clearance. Our services include preparing all related documentations for your legal work in Hong Kong The service is staffed by experienced solicitors, who have access to a wide range of information sources and specialists across the Law Society.

Brand Promotion

Whether you’re just starting out or evolving your brand, we’ll help your brand grow with our range of brand consulting services including logo designing, brand communications, brand positioning, corporate identity, marketing collaterals, and corporate brochures.Branding helps to distinguish you from competitors, highlights what makes your business the best option and lets people know what to expect from your company.

We believe in the power of branded merchandise: it’s the catalyst behind what makes your brand the one that consumers return to again and again. We offer you branding solutions that are sure to leave a lasting mark on your customers.

Backed by outstanding customer service, your brand will always be in good hands.